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Franklin Kidd's Biography

Franklin Kidd CBE 1950,FRS 1944, MInstr.R., FRSA, MA Ch. Canterbury,   Dr.Sc. London

Director of the Food Investigation Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.1947-57.Retired.B 1890 son of late Benjamin Kidd, author of Social Revolution, The Science of Power etc. M 1920 Mary Nest d. of the late John Owen, Rt. Reverend the Lord Bishop of St. Davids.

Educated Tonbridge Sch. St. John's College Cambridge, Fellow of St.John's College 1913- 1919.1950-58. 12 months in Australia and NZ. Reporting to Governments on organization of food research 1927. Chairman of Royal Commission(South Africa) to enquire into preschooling of Deciduous Fruit 1936. Chairman of Food Group of Society of Chemical Industry 1936-38 Sup. Of Low Temperature Research Station, Cambridge 1934-47.  

Member of Board of Governors of Nat. Coll. Of Food Technology 1950. Mem. of Nat. Council for Technical Awards Board of Studies in Technologies Other Than Engineering.1935Kamerlingh Onnes Gold Medalist 1963. Publications- Papers in various scientific Journals and Food Investigation Special Reports. Almost in Peterhouse and Other Poems 1950. The People's Earth in Five Movements 1964. Recreations- fishing, bee keeping. He died on May 7 1974.

Dr. Franklin Kidd retired from a Cambridge University professorship in Food Chemistry. By 1969, when Gordon Kidd met him, he had spent some 16 years of retirement searching for his grandfather's records. The unpublished book on this site is the result of his meticulous research.



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