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Appendix Two
The Derry and the Descendants of John


The following material on the Derry is from a book called "The Derry" written by Dr. George Kidd F.R.C.S. in 1943.
The Derry is a region south of Ottawa Ontario in Lanark County near Carleton Place. The pictures of John Kidd's grave and his wife Margaret Garland as well as that of Thomas Kidd are from the graveyard in Carleton Place. The picture of Andrew Kidd is the Andrew who was born on the ship coming over. His mother Mary Garland died in childbirth.

Note: A detailed Report on John's Descendants prepared by Gordon Kidd follows the   pictures.

         John Sr's will is below the picture of his grave

         A Descedant Chart for Edward ( Son of John Sr) follows.

         A Descedant Chart for Thomas ( Son of John Sr) follows


Derry a02
Derry b
Derry c02
Derry d
Derry e02
John Kidd and Margaret Garland03

John Kidd and his second wife Margaret (Garland).


John Kidd's Will


Margaret Daughter of John Sr and Margaret Garland

James Son of John Sr and Margaret Garland

Edward Son of John Sr and Margaret Garland

(see Appendix Below)


Joseph Kidd son of John Sr and Margaret

Thomas Kidd02

Thomas Kidd...Cousin of the First Andrew





Andrew son of John Sr and first wife Mary Garland

John Son of JohnSr and Margaret Garland

Maria Daughter of JohnSr and Margaret


Pictures of John Jr, Betsy, Maria, Margaret, James, Edward,John Kidd's Will and Derry Home Courtesy Jane Minden


Thomas Kidd and Mary Ann Leach

Eldest son of John Sr

Courtesy Barbara Bradley




Appendix 1  Descendants of John chart prepared by Gordon Kidd PDF File

Appendix 2 Descendants of John description prepared by Gordon Kidd

Appendix 3  Descendants of Edward Kidd chart prepared by Jane Minden PDF File

More on Dr. Edward Kidd, Dr.Ed Kidd ,Dr. Ed, Dr Ed Queens Ed Census 5. Edward Kidd

Matilde Beaudry Kidd  Matilde's Family 1930's Military Record  Short Version

Appendix 4  Descendants of Thomas Kidd Family Chart prepared by Barbara Bradley PDF File  

 Appendix 7   Descendants of John Kidd -William Garland Kidd -contributed by Jane Minden new

Appendix 8 Descendants of John Kidd -William Garland Kidd -contributed by Jane Minden Family Gravestones  new

Appendix 9 Descendants of John Kidd - Richard KIdd - contributed by Jane Minden

 Appendix 10- to clarify the information on p88                 


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